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 My name is Sherri Doratti, and I have owned and loved English Setters since 1988.  We are located in the West Boundary are of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.   My breeding program has been scaled back over the last years, although I do have plans for the future. Sharing our lives are Lace, Annie (both ES) and Hush, our Deerhound friend.  While life has been constricted the last while, we are looking forward to continuing breeding and showing.  

I am a lifetime member of the Canadian Kennel Club and the English Setter Club of Canada.. Currently the website is under a full restructuring and overhaul, please bear with us as it evolves.   

Our Current Dogs

We have 3 girls in residence here at Desert English Setters, Lace and Annie, who are English Setters. Lace is from my last litter, way back in 2012 and Annie is from Aerden ES in Minnesota.  We also have Hush, our Scottish Deerhound friend.  Hush was an unexpected addition, she picked me when we were at Hollyrood Deerhounds helping with puppy pictures from the Winery Litter.  She has fit in beautifully and is a lovely girl.  While we were only able to attend one show last year, we are hopeful that in 2022 we will be attending more and perhaps having a litter!


Dogs of our Past

We have been so blessed over the years to have so many amazing dogs in our lives. 

They are the result of so many breeders and fanciers that have gone before.  As we go forward, it's amazing to see some of them show up again in the generations we are producing.  So much joy and love to share and continue on with.

Please read more to see our Memories page, which includes so very many precious dogs...

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The Dances Litter whelped Jan 31, 2003, there were 8 puppies in the litter, 5 boys, 3 girls. 
Sire: Am/Can Ch Aces Mighty Mustang 'Taz'
Dam: Can Ch Desert's Smashing Punkin 'Tara'
The puppies names:
Desert's Boot Scootin' Boogie 'Spot'
Desert's Waltz Across Texas 'Argo'
Desert's Two To Tango 'Percy' 
Desert's Classical Jazz 'Jazz'
Desert's Two Step Katie 'Karley'
Desert's Romantic Rhumba 'Romy'
Desert's Clever Cha Cha 'Cha Cha'
l-r Cha Cha, Romy, Karley, Spot, Argo, Slide, Percy and Jazz

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For pics after 9 weeks, please go to their individual pages from Our Dogs