Hush at 15 months old
Hush at 14 months old
Hush at 1 year old
Hush at a year old
Hush at 10 months, she won her first point and a puppy group!
Hush winning her second point and a puppy group with Adrienne Turcotte showing her.
Hush moving at the dog show, photo A Turcotte
Hush and I at the dog show, she is 10 months old. Photo A Turcotte
Hush at 9 months old
Hush at 5 months old
Hush with her breeder Lynne Bruce at 4 months old
Hush at 4 months
We can all fit!
Hush at 12 weeks
Hush at 10 weeks
Hush at 10 weeks
Hush with her sisters Fanny and Ivy