Litters that were born at Desert, or litters that were sired by the boys 
They are sorted by birthdates. 
Breeder(s): Kennel Name: Combination: Birthdate: More Info:
Shawn & Nadeen Bennett Sunsetter Nick X Renee Sept 8, 2012 click here
Sherri Doratti & Cindy Pitta Desert Nick X Nova Feb 14, 2012 click here
Shawn & Nadeen Bennett Sunsetter Slide X Renee June 15, 2011 click here
Carol Taylor Maggikal Sunny X Cassidy Nov 7, 2009 click here
Ildiko Novak Fieldgate Slide X Storm May 19, 2009 click here
Richard & Cathy Brewer Legends Sunny X Madison May 30, 2008 click here
Leslie Ann Davies Darkenwald Sunny X Lisa Jan 4, 2008 click here
Sherri Doratti Desert Slide X Storm March 28, 2007 click here
Ildi Novak Fieldgate Sunny X Storm May 21, 2006 click here
Sherri Doratti Desert Taz X Tara Jan 31, 2003 click here
Sherri Doratti Desert Walker X Tara Feb 27, 2000 click here
Sherri Doratti Desert Willie X Velvet March 13, 1997 click here