Hush's first time in the BIS Ring!
Hush on her way to a Group 1st and finishing her Championship!
Group 1st/Owner Handler in Group for Hush under judge Sandra Lex, ON
What a fun day!
Hush in the Group ring at Renaissance Shows
Hush in the Group at the Renaissance Shows
Group 1st in Kelowna under judge Yvonne Savard
Such a neat girl!
Hush at 19 months
Hush at 15 months old
Hush at 14 months old
Hush at 1 year old
Hush at a year old
Hush at 10 months, she won her first point and a puppy group!
Hush winning her second point and a puppy group with Adrienne Turcotte showing her.
Hush moving at the dog show, photo A Turcotte
Hush and I at the dog show, she is 10 months old. Photo A Turcotte
Hush at 9 months old
Hush at 5 months old
Hush with her breeder Lynne Bruce at 4 months old
Hush at 4 months
We can all fit!
Hush at 12 weeks
Hush at 10 weeks
Hush at 10 weeks
Hush with her sisters Fanny and Ivy
Hush with her sisters Fanny and Ivy