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 My name is Sherri Doratti, and I have owned and loved English Setters since 1988.  The dogs and I are located in the West Boundary area of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.   Sharing our lives are Lace, Annie, Alex Trebec, Katinss (all ES) and Hush, our Deerhound friend.  Happily our litter of Zack X Annie, born in September 2022 resulted in 11 puppies, so our dog family grew! I am in the process of adding all of the puppy's individual pages and slideshows on Our Dogs page.  

I am a lifetime member of the Canadian Kennel Club and the English Setter Club of Canada.   

Our Current Dogs

We have 4 dogs in residence here at Desert English Setters, Lace, Annie and Alex Trebec who are English Setters, plus Hush, who is our Scottish Deerhound.  Alex Trebec is our newest addition and is from our September, 2022 litter of Zack X Annie.  We look forward to attending some shows this year, and all the news coming from their littermates!


Dogs of our Past

We have been so blessed over the years to have so many amazing dogs in our lives. 

They are the result of so many breeders and fanciers that have gone before.  As we go forward, it's amazing to see some of them show up again in the generations we are producing.  So much joy and love to share and continue on with.

Please read more to see our Memories page, which includes so very many precious dogs...

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